author/poet, singer, amateur photographer


Celebrating the payment of $50 for a poem recently selected by Unity,

to be published in Daily Word in 5/19!!!!

Her children’s book published July, 2015

A perfect gift for children, grandchildren, neighbors, baby showers, church schools, nursery schools, etc. Why this book? It captures the beauty of a scenic hiking trail and its creatures; it inspires readers to get out and explore nature; and it educates youngsters about badgers, coyotes, hawks, sink holes and other treasures.

To purchase, click on the link below — also on Kindle¬†

Buy Hiking Trail, Treasure Land as a paperback

Kalila’s interview in the Sierra Club’s San Lucian newsletter

Unplug and Connect, her article about taking a break from electronics, Information Press, 10/1/15

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