Fishing for Equilibrium (Memoir)


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“What readers have been saying….”

“The descriptive writings and choice of words bring the full picture of nature’s beauty that many of us tend to forget or take advantage of.”

”It is very inspirational.”

”It was really good and I admire you for putting your personal stuff out there. I enjoyed many of your poems too.”

”What lovely, lovely poetry!”

”It is quite indescribably compelling and delightful.”

”Well-written and fascinating.”

”Your spirit shines through. This will be the first of many books that you will write.”

Your book “is so revealing, so bold, told with such abandon….You draw us into the stories and philosophies.”

Fishing for Equilibrium has been shared in both a high school and college English class

Readers’ Responses to Fishing for Equilibrium:
“I enjoyed it very much. I was delighted with your dance with words. Fishing for Equilibrium contains immense therapeutic value.I would love to order three copies of the book. I will donate one of them to our public library, keep one in my private library, and give one to a friend. I would also like permission to quote from the book for therapy purposes. Your courage and honesty have already helped one of my clients as I described the book.”

Peace and light,

Kathleen Peters, Therapist and Family Counselor, Stepping Stones


“I was fascinated by Kalila’s many “amours”; the love life of a teenager. .. She leaves no stone unturned to reveal exactly how she rode through those teen age years… I loved her choice of words – word pictures.”

This book is held in 4 public libraries, 2 high schools and 1 college.