Hiking Trail, Treasure Land (Children’s Book)

Kalila’s picture book for kids


— a perfect gift for children, grandchildren, neighbors, baby showers, church schools, nursery schools, etc.  Why this book?  It captures the beauty of a scenic hiking trail and its creatures; it inspires readers to get out and explore nature; and it educates youngsters about badgers, coyotes, hawks, sink holes and other treasures.

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Readers’ Comments: “a charming children’s book.” “Your questions were good thought provokers, getting kids to take the photos and narrative a step further.” “It’s kid-friendly and informative.” “Your book is delightful. You make it very inviting.”

Two elementary school librarians had this to say:   “The interactive quality allows for dialogue, discussion, response and deeper observation—really a nice feature.”  And, “Non-fiction is being focused on increasingly in the schools and this book fits right into that category.”

Example of what you will SEE INSIDE the book:


Bonnie and Clyde are two of the dogs that defend the sheep and goats. The dogs are a breed called Akbash (“ockbosh”). Bonnie barks whenever this sheep tries to sneak nibbles of dog food from the bucket.

The lovely Central Coast of California on Point Buchon Trail

The lovely Central Coast of California on Point Buchon Trail